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Interesting online article, "Young Hunters:  When and How to Get Children Started" is on the Outdoor Empire website.  We have also added the website to our Favorite Links page.

The VBHA Board is considering a FACEBOOK page.  If you are a member and have suggestions, cautions, or would be interested in hosting our page, please email Richard Sprinkle.

GREAT ARTICLE IN VIRGINIA GAME & FISH MAGAZINE (November 2017).  Click picture to read the article by Bruce Ingram.

2017 Fall Field Trial........read more

VBHA Active in their Communities.........read more


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Why do you collect a tooth from harvested bears?

The premolar from a bear is used to determine the age of the bear.  The age structure of the annual harvest is used to analyze trends and is an important tool needed to manage bear populations in Virginia.

The age of your harvested bear will be available online 9 to 10 months after the hunting season ends at www.dgif.virginia.gov/wildlife/bear/age

(From VDGIF's Hunting & Trapping in Virginia July 2017-June 2018)